Saturday, April 27, 2013

Ubuntu 12.04.02 on Dell Inspiron 1520

I installed from a USB stick. I kept a /home partition I had from a previous installation. I have 2GB RAM so I made a 2048 MB swap partition.

The ethernet card was recognized when running from the USB stick but not after booting into installed system (lspci listed it but ifconfig did not). I removed bcmw-kernel-source and rebooted, and the ethernet worked. I installed firmware-b43-installer, and rebooted. At this point I may have use Additional Drivers to install b43 drivers. Or I did something with b43-fwcutter. In any case, my wireless works now.

When calling suspend with the lid open, the screen goes to a terminal with a flashing cursor and then comes back to the login screen. When I close the lid, the machine honestly sleeps, so go figure.

Hibernate worked when using pm-suspend. I enabled hibernation according to standard documentation (here).

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